Intuitive and creative guided tours

The audiopen can be operated with various types of documents: plans, cartels, catalogues, panels. This audioguide can be used to visit monuments, museums, castles, parks, gardens etc. The visit tour generated by the audiopen may be a treasure hunt, a visit quiz, an open-air museum or an ordinary visit with a chronological commentary launch… In short, the audiopen can be adapted to all sorts of institutions and organizations depending on their specificities, their objectives, theirs visitors etc.

An extremely adaptable visit tool

The Audiopen’s versatility allows various applications that often exit the cultural field. In recent years Sycomore has undertaken many projects from various sectors. The audiopen has proven its value in the cultural tourism sector (ex: creation of open air museums), the industrial tourism sector (ex: metallurgical park), the event planning sectors (ex: concerts, showrooms), the private sector (ex: real estate agency)…

An economic tool

The audiopen is twice as cheap as a traditional audioguide. The device is mechanically and technically refined, it is very light and possesses only three keys. Hence, it is easy to preserve and hardly breakable. Therefore the maintenance costs are very low.

An optimal language and tool selector

The audiopen’s optical reading technology enables a quick language and tour selection. The different possibilities are all indicated on the document, all the visitor has to do is to point the pen towards the chosen language and tour and the visit can begin. This optical reading technology provides the visitors with an increased interactivity and autonomy.

An independent visitor

The visitor may visit an area at his own pace as he can choose when to launch the commentaries. In most occasions the audiopen is associated with an interactive map. This association boosts the visitors’ independency as they are equipped with an orientation tool.

A promotional tool

The interactive map accompanying the audiopen obviously contains key information on interest point but it can also contain promotional information such as local restaurant, shops…