An attractive and simple product

 Audiopen® introduces a totally new, innovative concept of the guided visit. Audiopen® comprises both an audio player and an interactive document. In order to hear the commentary, the pen must be pointed towards a small coded zone relating to the interest point (picture, icon…). The pen, will scan the code and will launch the comment.

The Audiopen is made out of an ABS/PC, it is waterproof, fireproof and shock-resistant. Moreover, it integrates a lanyard clip which can be placed round the neck or the wrist according to the visitors’ preferences.

The device is also equipped with a loud speaker. However, the visitor can choose to listen to the commentaries via any type of headphones. The two triangle button at the front of the device allow the visitors to adjust the volume whenever they want to.

As we can see on the picture, the Audiopen only has 3 buttons.

A 4pin connector is located at the top of the audiopen case. The connectors is used to charge the battery and download content. 


The audiopen system

The Audiopens are tidied away in their charging racks. A charging rack will generally be composed of 30 charging spots.

The charging devices have been conceived in such a way that they can fixed horizontally or vertically. They are therefore easily adapted to various type of furniture. This point is extremely important when a site is trying to improve its operational efficiency.